Can I Sit with You?

Get Your Can I Sit With You? Seattle Tickets While You Can
April 16, 2008, 12:59 pm
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We just heard from the NPR reporter who contacted us about the April 25th Can I Sit With You? Annex Theatre show in Seattle, asking for technical sound specs so she can record the performers.

It’s finally hitting us: CISWY Seattle is a real show. We could very well be on NPR. (!!!!)

We also have limited seating. So, if you want to see CISWY Seattle, you should buy your tickets ASAP:

Tickets are priced at $5 and $12, which means you can choose how much to donate.

Will Call tickets is probably the best option at this point. We’ll have a list of Will Call names and will check them off at the door.

Also, we have some additional, fantastic news: Sarah Dopp will be joining our show! Welcome, Sarah.

To further entice you, here is the full list of CISWY Seattle readers, with links to the stories they will be performing:

Final note: children are welcome at the show. They are not allowed in the bar area of Annex Theatre, and you should read the stories above to make sure you know what said children will be hearing, but if you think they would enjoy seeing these stories read aloud, then please, get them a ticket.

Can I Sit With You? Live in Seattle

Again, a suspicious lack of posts. Again, a really good reason: We’ve been busy being gobsmacked by Seattle’s Annex Theatre’s generosity: they’re donating their space for a Can I Sit With You? performance on Friday, April 25th, at 8 PM.

You can buy tickets now!

If you didn’t get a chance to see Can I Sit With You? Live in San Francisco, let us assure you that these stories are even more electrifying when performed. And here is who will be performing them in Seattle, so far:
Rumor has it that Jen Myers might be persuaded to read as well. We will also hold a contest for one more writer/reader to appear at CISWY Seattle. Perhaps it’s time to get your story written down and sent in, finally? Details, lots of details, to appear shortly.