Can I Sit with You?

Please, Sit With Us
November 5, 2007, 8:01 am
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Do have a seat. We need to tell you why we’re so pleased with ourselves and with you, so stop fiddling around this instant and give us your full attention.

We met our goal. We published a schoolyard story every single day during October. Our book will be ready to go in less than two weeks. And this is all thanks to you: our esteemed readers and writers, our survivors and encounterers of schoolyard confusion.

If you consider that only six weeks ago Shan fell off the coffee wagon and called up Jen, blathering on with caffeine-induced, hallucinatory intensity about her newest idea: a project called Can I Sit With You? that could both share schoolyard stories to help some of our kids and raise money for our special ed PTA to help our other kids oh please pretty please? then our success is even more remarkable. (As is the fact that Jen agreed to do it, given her talent, schedule, and how much her skills are worth in the open market.)

In general: yay!

We’re going to be in book production mode for the next ten days, and so will only publish two or three stories during that time. In the interim, here are some of our most popular stories, just in case you missed them:

The Real Meaning of Might by Amanda Jones
Love Hurts by Sarah Glover
The Sound of Musicals by Michael Procopio

The book will be here before you know it. There will be more trumpeting at that point, in addition to reminders that it will be the perfect holiday gift for every person you’ve ever known. Please stay tuned, spread the word, and comment. We’ll always save a seat for you.


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Thanks so much for this Blog! I have started a Blog called Hate Talk Hate Write – Bullying is a form of violence that has not been sufficiently addressed. All youth need to understand how harmful and wrong it is. Adults need to make sure it does not happen on their watch.
Regards, Sakanta Running Wolf, Global Peace Global Healing

November 9, 2007 6:00 PM

Comment by Sakanta Running Wolf

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